ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum

The oil and gas industry has consistently focused on the safe, reliable, environmentally sound and efficient operation of all related assets. The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum is a platform committed to the discussion of stakeholder interests to ensure a common understanding of future requirements placed on the industry.

The ROSEN Group looks forward to hosting the fourth ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum from May 15-17, 2018, in order to continue preparing our industry for the future.

A Brief Look Back

The very first ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum took place on September 17th 2012 and was coupled with the opening of ROSEN’s Innovation Center. Many international guests and colleagues came to the Rotrium to hear about current topics and future trends in the oil and gas industry.

The conference topic "Innovations in the oil and gas sector" has driven moving discussions about trends within the industry, the exploration of new ways of transport for natural gas and implications for the future of in-line inspection. Seven speakers in total coming from the University of Rome and companies such as Siemens, Open Grid Europe, PG&E, Wintershall, TCPL and Landolt were invited to present insights into current developments and innovations of the oil and gas industry.

Taking place from 4 -6 June 2014 the 2nd REIF discussed the topic of Assurance, Safety and Innovation in the pipeline industry. To take a look back to this event, please visit the REIF 2014 website.

The 3rd REIF took place from 10-12 May 2016 addressing the topic of Pipeline Integrity 2030 - Ensuring Future Performance. Please visit the REIF 2016 website for more information.