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The ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum (REIF) is an international event intended for key decision makers in the oil and gas industry and takes place every two years in Lingen (Ems), Germany. REIF was created by Hermann Rosen, founder and CEO of the ROSEN Group, to provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas and concepts between the key stakeholders in our industry: operators, service and technology providers, and regulators.

“It is my firm belief that all of us can only meet future requirements placed on our industry, with all the increasing complexity involved, by cooperating and understanding each other better.”
– Hermann Rosen

The main intention of our event is to bring interesting people together in an intimate setting to discuss our industry’s future strategic needs, share knowledge and build networks.

REIF will discuss the future strategic needs related to public perception in our industry.
Zero Incidents – Managing Public Perception

Striving for zero incidents has become a crucial driver in asset integrity and safety for the global energy industry in general – and the oil and gas industry in particular. The pursuit of this goal is not only fueled from within our industry but also from external factors, including public perception and a more critical perception of risk. Like other industries, the oil and gas industry has come under increasing public scrutiny when it comes to incidents.

The strategic and future-focused nature of REIF allows key decision-makers from operators, regulators, and technology and service providers to understand and discuss their strategic needs relating to managing public perception. The event will clarify how our industry can collaborate to meet the increasing challenges placed upon us and provide a clear strategic direction for integrity management specialists.

REIF will provide an understanding of how public perception influences our industry in ensuring asset integrity and safety. How does public perception vary around the globe? What implications do public perception and today’s instant access to information on pipeline failures have? How should we handle safety and compliance and protection of the environment while ensuring efficiency and the best use of existing assets?

Advisory Committee
REIF offers a platform for thoughtful discussions relating to the future strategic needs of our industry.
Why Attend

REIF presents a unique opportunity for exchanging ideas and networking with leading experts in various fields. Attending this event will foster an understanding of future requirements relating to pipeline integrity. Thus, conference participants will be able to:

  • Attend an expert forum and focus workshops to understand the future strategic needs relating to pipeline integrity, especially considering a zero-incidents mindset
  • Learn about how the pipeline industry is approaching and managing public perception
  • Exchange experiences with other industries and discover what can be learned from them

The invitation-only character of the event brings the following benefits:

  • Exclusive and confidential setting for discussions about sensitive topics
  • Platform for industry collaboration by bringing together operators, regulators, and technology and service providers
  • Future-focused and cross-sectoral thinking by having a diverse range of speakers from different industries representing different mindsets
Advisory Committee
Heinz Watzka (left) and Dr. Phil Hopkins have been fully involved in the development of the conference program.
Advisory Committee

It is a pleasure and an honor to announce that Heinz Watzka and Dr. Phil Hopkins form the Advisory Committee. Both are fully involved in the development of the conference program and content since the event’s inception, including the interactive workshop sessions.


Previous Speakers

Hermann Rosen

Hermann Rosen

President of the ROSEN Group

Hermann Rosen is Founder, CEO and President of the ROSEN Group and holds a degree in electronics and control technique.

Chris Bloomer

Chris Bloomer

President and CEO at CEPA

Chris Bloomer leads the industry association that represents Canada’s transmission pipeline companies.

Jesus Soto

Jesus Soto

Senior Vice President at PG&E

Jesus Soto is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the second largest natural gas system in the United States.

David Thurnherr

David Thurnherr

Safety & Risk Consultant at Suisseplan Ingenieure

As a Safety and Risk Consultant, David Thurnherr supports facility owners in the oil and gas industry by developing strategies for risk management and the prevention of accidents.

Brigham McCown

Brigham McCown

Chairman and CEO at Nouveau Consulting

Brigham McCown is a safety expert with more than 26 years of experience. Until 2007, he served as the CEO and COO of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

Philip Anderson

Prof. Philip Anderson

Senior Lecturer, Newcastle

Prof. Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Information Sciences where he is currently the Programmer Leader for the BSc. (Hons) Computer and Digital Forensics.

Kimberley Turner

Kimberley Turner

CEO at Aerosafe Risk Management

Kimberley Turner is an international risk management expert for the aviation, defence and transport industries and pioneeer of Industry Risk Profiling.

Marcelino Gomes

Marcelino Guedes Gomes

Senior Pipeline Engineer at PETROBRAS, ASME FELLOW

Mr. Gomes has more than 30 years of experience in engineering of pipelines and terminals, with a special focus on R&D projects.

Bryce Lord

Bryce Lord

Vice-President Canadian Gas Operations

Bryce Lord provides functional leadership to the department to ensure the safe and responsible operations and maintenance of TransCanada’s Canadian natural gas pipeline network.

The Innovation Center in Lingen is a key element of our worldwide multi-disciplinary R&D network.


REIF takes place at our ROSEN Technology and Research Center in Lingen (Ems).

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of our group’s corporate culture. The ROSEN Technology & Research Center (RTRC) in Lingen is a key element of our worldwide multi-disciplinary R&D network. The RTRC centers are where we anticipate the market's future needs and perform extensive applied research and development in areas such as electronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry and software.

The Lingen facility acts as a partner in technology development and manufacturing for the global subsidiaries. With its solid expertise and extensive experience in technology research and development, the RTRC Lingen supports the entire ROSEN Group by developing, building and delivering innovative solutions based on client requests.

To learn more about the city of Lingen (Ems), please visit the official website.

A Brief Look Back

The very first ROSEN Energy & Innovation Forum took place on 17 September 2012 and was coupled with the opening of ROSEN’s Innovation Center. Many international guests and colleagues came to Lingen to hear about current topics and future trends in the oil and gas industry.

Since the very first REIF in 2012, the international event has been staged every other year.
REIF 2018

Taking place from May 15 to 17, 2018, REIF 2018 addressed the topic of zero incidents in the context of pipeline integrity and brought together members of both our industry and others to foster cross-sectoral learning. The conference sessions presented by renowned experts addressed the following issues:

  • Safety culture, collateral damage and cost of life
  • Failures, human errors and behavior
  • New threats through theft from pipelines
  • Cybersecurity

Watch the 2018 event recap.

Visit the REIF 2018 event website for more information.

REIF 2016

The third REIF took place from May 10 to 12, 2016, and addressed the topic of Pipeline Integrity 2030 – Ensuring Future Performance.

Our renowned speakers addressed the following issues:

  • Future possibilities in NDT for feature identification and sizing, material identification and stress measurement
  • Added value of knowing actual material properties of pipe inspected for integrity assessment (especially fracture toughness)
  • Added value of knowing actual true loading of pipeline or structure inspected for integrity assessment purposes
  • Competence: knowledge transfer to the next generation
  • Assessment complexity
  • Big data analytics: what we can learn from other industries
  • Missing procedures in pipeline integrity management
  • Future energy demand 2030 and beyond

Visit the REIF 2016 event website for more information.

Watch the 2016 event recap.

REIF 2014

Taking place from June 4 to 6, 2014, the second REIF discussed Assurance, Safety and Innovation in the pipeline industry. The following issues were addressed:

  • Standardization and worldwide regulation in a global business
  • Future needs to support a safe and efficient industry
  • Changing and maintaining a sustainable safety culture

Visit the REIF 2014 event website for more information.

Watch the 2014 event recap.

REIF 2012

The very first REIF took place on September 17, 2012 in conjunction with the opening of ROSEN’s Innovation Center. Many international guests and colleagues came to hear about current topics and future trends in the oil and gas industry.

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